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A Digital Signage Community


Reach Thousands of Residents on Local TVs


Use Any TV as Free Digital Signage

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Setup Your Own TVs as Free Digital Signage


Use our free application for the Amazon Fire Stick to turn any TV into a digital display


Manage what displays on the screen remotely through your account


Generate income when you accept local ads

Works On Any TV

(Doesn't Have to be Smart)

Buy a Fire Stick from Amazon, plug it into your TV and run our Bulletin Views app

We have an app for Android TVs and Tablets too

Or skip the app and run your screen on any browser

Chrome , Firefox , Safari and IE

Watch the 56s summary (yes, 56s)

Customers Love Us

We use it at our hotel on multiple TVs by our elevator and near our restaurant. When local businesses pay to post on our TVs not only do we get paid but it strengthens our connection to the community.

Nitin, Holiday Inn Chicago

It made my street facing window much more engaging. We definitely see more people stopping by! All we needed were a couple of Fire TV Sticks.

Steve, Streeterville Pizzeria

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