A Digital Billboard Community

Make TVs a visual tool for you, local businesses and the entire community

A Digital Billboard Community

Make TVs a visual tool for you, local businesses and the entire community

How it works

Setup digital signage for free with the Bulletin

Setup free digital billboards from any TV

Create one or more screens with your account
Schedule images and video to them
Remotely manage it through our website
Invite others to advertise on your billboards with the Bulletin

Invite others to advertise on yours and get paid

Delight your community with neighborhood deals
Create a new revenue stream
Accept or deny any advertiser request
Advertise on other local digital signage with theBulletin

Advertise on other local billboards

Reach your customers where they live and work
Choose your times and locations
Fits any budget

Watch the video


  • the Bulletin value icon  After setup, it's a cheaper and more effective way to communicate than printing paper flyers.

  • the Bulletin better than email icon  A better alternative to crowding the inbox with yet another email blast.

  • the Bulletin advertising icon  Unique possibilities from either advertising locally or accepting ads from local businesses.

  • the Bulletin remote management icon  Remotely manage it all through our website

Additional Information

  • theBulletin icon  Both advertising and accepting advertising is completely optional with theBulletin. Using your TV as digital signage for your business is free.

  • theBulletin icon  The advertising revenue generated is then shared between you and us.

  • theBulletin icon  Depending on how well you connect with local businesses, each screen could make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.

  • theBulletin icon  You decide who is permitted on your screens. We don't control anything.

  • theBulletin icon  The advertising works in 3 hour increments with prices starting as low as 10 cents. That's less than a dollar a day!

  • theBulletin icon  As an advertiser, you choose your price and we run an auction every 3 hours. If demand is low, the price you pay will often be much lower than the price you bid.

  • theBulletin icon  Any other questions? Talk to us!

Use Cases

We use it at our hotel on multiple TVs by our elevator and near our restaurant. When local businesses pay to post on our TVs not only do we get paid but it strengthens our connection to the community.

the Bulletin locations icon Nitin, Holiday Inn Chicago

It made my street facing window much more engaging. We definitely see more people stopping by! All we needed were a couple of Fire TV Sticks.

the Bulletin locations icon   Steve, Streeterville Pizzeria

Residential & Commercial Buildings

the Bulletin locations icon Lobby, elevator and amenity areas

Revenue from local restaurants, salons and music events

Bars & Restaurants

the Bulletin locations icon Menu boards, street-facing window, bar and restrooms

 Advertise at local residential high rises and offices


the Bulletin locations icon Lobby, elevator, restaurants and bars

Revenue from local shows and tourist venues

Retail Stores, Gyms, Salons

the Bulletin locations icon Street facing windows and in-venue

Advertise at local residential high rises and offices with special offers


the Bulletin locations icon Lobby, reception, conference room and break rooms

Revenue when local restaurants can run lunch promotions on the TVs

Music, sport and event venues

the Bulletin locations icon Hallways, entrance, restroom and food service areas

Advertise events at local residential buildings and restaurants

Revenue from local businesses that want to reach the event crowd

Religious and cultural institutions

the Bulletin locations icon Lobby and common areas

Revenue when members promote their services to other members over the TVs

Educational institutions

the Bulletin locations icon Hallways, entrance and shared areas

Revenue from local restaurants and businesses looking to target students

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Option 1: Do It Yourself

  • theBulletin icon Setup your TV at a high-traffic location if you haven't done so already. Take photos of your setup.

  • theBulletin icon If the TV has an internet browser go to https://thebulletin.io/screens. Or, buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (about $50) and run the Bulletin Views app.

  • theBulletin icon Sign into your theBulletin account, create a screen using the photos you took in Step 1. Your screen will have a Screen ID.

  • theBulletin icon Add posts of images or video to go on your screen.

  • theBulletin icon Now, on the TV you have setup, enter the Screen ID and voila you have a digital billboard!

Option 2: We do it for you

  • theBulletin icon We install the TV for you, setup your account and get you started on theBulletin (* available only in the Chicagoland area).

  • theBulletin icon The TV, mount, electrical, drywall - we will handle everything.

  • theBulletin icon Save time and money on the installation.

  • theBulletin icon Contact us for a quote.

Hardware Options

Honestly, any kind of device that provides internet access works. If your TV comes with a built in browser, you don't even need any sticks or bits.

Budget TV Options

Walmart, Amazon or your nearest hardware store will have a wide selection of mounts and stands.

TCL 32" $129, Element 39" $170, Sceptre 49" $249, LG 65" $459

Graphic Design for Posters and Flyers

We suggest you use Canva, Fiverr or Upwork for designing attractive posters and flyers. Or you can always stick with your current graphic designer. You can then upload the completed image or video to our website.

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